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5 Pocket Slim Buck - Sandy

5 Pocket Slim Buck

(Trim through the butt, thigh and tapered at the bottom)

Regular price $235.00

Classic Hockey Buck - Navy

Classic Hockey Buck

(More room in the thigh and butt area, but still tapered at the bottom)

Regular price $235.00

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UFC fighter Misha Cirkunov puts Buckson Slacks to the test

Misha Cirkunov, the UFC fighter, paid a visit to Buckson to test whether our motto “This is one tough pair of pants” was legit. He knew that buying a pair of Buckson Slacks was an investment that would last years, however, before walking away with a pair he wanted to truly test the premium Italian organic cotton, down to the very last fiber. Misha suited up in his best dress jacket, touting a pair of our premium slacks. What started as an innocent photo shoot, quickly escalated into a fury of punches and kicks, with Misha wearing nothing but a pair of our slacks. After all of this Misha was convinced, “I would wear these pants in the Octagon if I could”.

Fashion and Fame

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